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Young Adult Peer Group

KOAA News interview for our group (May 2022)

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What About Us?

Many young adults feel forgotten/left out. Everyone wants to feel included and it's common to do whatever it takes to feel that way.

But that doesn't mean it works.

A person can engage in different actions or express different beliefs to feel included only to still feel alone. That is because the 'included' came with strings attached. It was conditional. 

That's where we and YOU come in!

The Universal Education Foundation (UEF) is offering groups for young adults in which all who feel excluded are included - no strings attached - ever. You never have to look, feel, act or believe a certain way in our groups. 

Help your peers feel accepted and valued.

The group will be structured where we focus on a topic each week. These groups will focus on self-respect, self-expression, relationships and growth. How do you want to experience your life differently?

Now is the time for change. Now is the time to experience a life of acceptance and inclusion. 

The group is held on Tuesdays at 5:30pm - 7pm 

Snacks/water/coffee included! 

301 E. Platte Ave

downtown Colorado Springs


Tami Urbanek

Former educator for middle school/high school/college

Tami has experience in facilitating groups since 2000/2001 and enjoys working with youth to help them create a life of self-acceptance and positive change. 

Tami also co-facilitates the Bullying Recovery workshops, Establishing a Positive Support System and the Parents Supporting Parents group also held at the UEF. 

Debbie Morrill

Former worldwide teen seminar facilitator, middle and high school after-school program director.


Debbie has assisted thousands of teens and young adults through seminar and program facilitation, as well as, one-on-one Life Coaching since 2001.  She assists young people to identify the obstacles and barriers in their way of realizing what they are passionate about. In this process, Debbie helps them to create a plan to build a life they love that honors their heart's desire and brings them complete self-empowerment.


Contact Tami Urbanek at 719-641-2017 (call or text) or at to sign up!

301 E. Platte Ave - downtown on the corner of Weber and Platte Ave

We will meet downstairs after coming in the front door

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