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School of Original Thought ™ 

School of Original Thought ™

Original thought is different to everybody. Everybody has their own original thought and it does not apply to one time; it applies to evolution of one's life. When ones can understand their own original thoughts, they understand their strengths, weaknesses, tests, can even look in that cycle of life and know when they will be challenged to stray from their purpose and taken by surprise. 

It is the Universal Education Foundation's (UEF) premise that in order to experience the richness of life, we need to find ways to experience joy, peacefulness and supportive relationships.

Each person who arrives to their own individual thought comes a step closer to embracing their unique self, thus moving in the direction of a joyful and passionate life. Life is for the living, right?

Simply getting through life and/or survival needs to be replaced with experiencing the beauty in life. This process is individual for all. 

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